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Photo by Sarah Jornsay-Silverberg On October 5th at Laney College in Oakland, ELC and the Bay Area Rights of Nature Alliance held the Bay Area Rights of Nature Ethics Tribunal, which examined the impacts of the fossil fuel industry on nature's rights. Videos and summaries of the Tribunal can now be found online. Please also visit the summary of the day's Web of Life Labyrinth, which provided information on people, ecosystems and species harmed by the fossil fuel industry. Thank you to all who participated and attended!
REGISTER: Oct. 20, 2014, 7:00-8:00 a.m. PST - ELC will conduct a free webinar with the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy on waterway rights - please register to join us! United Nations - Earth Day
ELC AT THE UNITED NATIONS: On Earth Day, ELC moderated the Interactive Dialogue on Harmony with Nature before the UN General Assembly. Watch the webcast of ELC's introductory remarks as moderator and visit the Dialogue webpage. ELC worked with the UN to finalize the report and recommendations from the Dialogue; the final report was just released and features notable language recognizing the importance of nature's rights. ELC spoke on the significance of this report at a UN Climate Change Summit side event on September 23rd, "Rights of Nature and Systemic Change in Climate Solutions".
REGISTER: Oct. 17-19, San Rafael, CA: The 25th Anniversary Bioneers Summit Conference will address "The World We Want and How to Get There." ELC and partners will be speaking on Sunday, Oct. 19th in the afternoon on the rights of nature movement. Register here.
REGISTER: Oct. 25-26, Cooper Union, NYC, NY: Register here for a Teach-In on "Techno-Utopianism and the Fate of the Earth." With 45 leaders from around the world, ELC will be addressing a "new consciousness and new economic strategies that break from the assumption of human dominion over nature and the planet." Early-bird tickets for this low-cost event are now available.
REVIEW: Earth Law Center once again instructed a two-credit law class on Earth Law" at the renowned Vermont Law School Summer Session, from July 7-18. Browse the syllabus to learn more about how law and master's students are examining the role of law in advancing nature's rights.
LEARN ABOUT: Before an audience of 400, the world’s first Ethics Tribunal on the Rights of Nature and Mother Earth held its inaugural session on Friday, January 17 in Quito, Ecuador, at the close of the January 2014 Global Rights of Nature Summit. The Tribunal will be a permanent platform for hearing and judging cases from around the world. Learn more about the Tribunal and view videos of the cases presented before the Tribunal. Stay tuned for more information on follow-up actions on these and other Tribunal reviews of rights violations. Also watch a video of ELC presenting at this conference of rights of nature advocates from around the world.
WATCH: The new video illustrating the origins of the rights of nature movement! Available in both English and Spanish.
READ: Wild Law in Practice, edited by Michelle Maloney and Peter Burdon and featuring a chapter by Earth Law Center, "'Water as the Way’: Achieving Well Being through ‘Right Relationship’ with Water." Read the Introduction to learn more about this important work, which is available now!
Rights Violations Map VISIT ELC's online, interactive Map of Human and Environmental Rights Violations worldwide. Please send in information on other examples to share.
FEB. 14-16, 2014: ELC was a keynote speaker in New Zealand at the New Thinking on Sustainability Conference at Victoria Univ. of Wellington School of Law, speaking on the role of Sustainability Rights Ordinances such as in Santa Monica to advance well-being. Click here to review the extensive program.
WATCH: Two new videos on escalating Ecocide worldwide and on what you can do to help End Ecocide.
READ: In December, Cambridge University Press released Rule of Law for Nature: New Dimensions and Ideas in Environmental Law, including ELC's chapter on "Realizing Nature's Rule of Law through Rights of Waterways." Learn more here.
TEDxMarin Oct 2013 WATCH ELC's Executive Director Linda Sheehan speak before 700 attendees at TEDxMarin's annual event in San Rafael, California in the TEDx video, "Earth Jujitsu: Escaping the Climate Chokehold by Adapting to Nature's Rights."
WATCH the video of ELC presenting at the October World Wilderness Congress in Salamanca, Spain on Nature's Rights (starts at 22:00). Read the adopted WILD10 Nature's Rights Resolution by ELC and colleagues, and learn more about the next steps in bringing rights of nature to ecosystem and wildlife protection worldwide.

ONGOING: Sign a petition to make Ecocide a crime in Europe. The European Citizens' Initiative “End Ecocide in Europe” aims to make severe environmental destruction a crime. Details are given in a draft directive, and in this brief YouTube video. For the intellectual grounding of the End-Ecocide movement, see this report from the Human Rights Consortium at the University of London.

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Video: POLIS Project on Ecological Governance, Water Sustainability Project, Webinar: Giving Nature a Voice: Legal Rights of Waterways - Linda Sheehan on rights of waterways and Vernon Tava on Whanganui River agreement.

Film Release - "United Natures"

United Natures A new film, "United Natures: A United Nations of All Species," addressing ecological activism, permaculture, agroecology and Earth rights has been released.

Directed and produced by Peter Charles Downey, the film features some of the world’s foremost environmentalists and philosophers, including Dr. Vandana Shiva, Cormac Cullinan, John Seed, Dr. Stephan Harding, Polly Higgins, David Holmgren, Dr. Alessandro Pelizzon, Prof. Judith Koons, and others.

The film also features Earth Law Center's Linda Sheehan, who discusses ELC's work to advance the rights of nature in law. View the film here.

Executive Director Linda Sheehan in the News

image from Greenwire, the "one-stop" source for those who track environmental and energy policy, has published a feature-length article about Executive Director Linda Sheehan. The article is available here and more information about Greenwire can be found here.

Why Rights of Nature

The ELC video, "Why Rights of Nature," explains more about the need for this movement. We invite you to view the video and visit our website further to learn more about our work to create legal systems that support the planet. Thank you!

Earth Law Center is a “think, share and do” organization dedicated to advancing laws that incorporate the inherent rights of all Earth’s inhabitants and ecosystems to co-exist, thrive and evolve. Watch a video of Executive Director Linda Sheehan addressing the need for this movement in a presentation at Southern Cross University, Australia.

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