Earth Law Center Opens with Brisbane “Wild Law” Conference

Welcome to Earth Law Center, a “think, share and do” organization dedicated to advancing laws that incorporate the inherent rights of all Earth’s inhabitants and ecosystems to co-exist, thrive and evolve. Beginning in mid-September, Earth Law Center’s first Executive Director, attorney Linda Sheehan, will lead the organization’s efforts to develop, increase awareness of, and advocate for Earth-based laws and governance systems. Please check back on this site regularly as we add information and new opportunities to take part in this effort.

Coinciding with the launch of Earth Law Center is the third “Wild Law” conference in Australia, “Earth Jurisprudence: Building Theory and Practice.” Earth Law Center will attend this seminal conference and speak on the Center’s work to advance rivers’ right to flow in California. While in Australia, Earth Law Center will also take part in the launch of “Earth Laws,” a multidisciplinary research network for Earth Jurisprudence and Rights for Nature at Southern Cross University’s School of Law and Justice. This research network will also offer University courses on Earth jurisprudence, support postgraduate research, and assist others seeking to advance legal rights for nature. We look forward to working with our Australian partners to create legal systems that reflect ecosystem rights and ensure that we live sustainably, for the benefit of ourselves and the natural world that sustains us.

Published 3 years, 11 months ago