Mission, Vision & History

Mission and Vision

Earth Law Center educates and advocates for laws and policies that recognize and promote the inherent rights of nature to exist, thrive and evolve.

We envision a future where the inherent rights of nature are respected and implemented globally.

To accomplish our mission and work towards achievement of our vision, Earth Law Center takes on specific initiatives to develop, increase awareness of, and advocate for Earth-based laws, policies, economies, philosophies and governance systems. Initiatives include advocacy projects on behalf of particular ecosystems and communities, university educational programs, and innovative research efforts. Earth Law Center works to broaden the vocal constituency for these initiatives through strategic alliances with environmental and citizen group advocates, indigenous groups, legal professionals, scientists, students, government officials, green businesses, sustainable living organizations, and others.

Through these actions, Earth Law Center seeks to transform the law and culture to recognize the inherent rights of all Earth’s inhabitants and ecosystems to co-exist, thrive and evolve.


Earth Law Center was established to support new legal education programs in “Earth Jurisprudence,” which taught that humanity has a foundational responsibility to respect the inherent rights of all beings and ecosystems to exist, thrive and evolve. A thriving example today is the Center for Earth Jurisprudence and Earth Advocacy Clinic at Barry University Law School in Orlando, Florida. Earth Law Center later expanded its mission and activities to more broadly further a philosophy and practice of law that respect the natural world in its own right and recognize humans as an integral member of the Earth community. ELC hired its first full-time Executive Director in 2011, and now has offices in Fremont and Oakland, California.

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